by Jędrzej Gronek

+Timer 2
An elegant timer and stopwatch dock app.
Alarmey 2
A lightning fast menu bar alarms manager.
A streamlined clipboard history app for your menu bar.
A menu bar color tool.
A Pomodoro timer in the menu bar.
Handy Break
Manage healthy and productivity-boosting breaks from you menu bar.
A fast and lightweight menu bar app launcher with customizable hotkeys.
Launchey 2
A launcher with menu bar and keyboard shortcuts to apps.
Nice Clipboard
An iCloud synced clipboard history for your Mac.
Nice Clipboard iOS
An iCloud synced clipboard history for your iPhone.
Nice Sticky
A beautiful and customizable sticky notes manager.
Nice Timer 2
An eye-candy timer that floats on your screen.
Nice Timer 3
The eye-candy timers and stopwatches for your desktop.
Nice Todo 2
An iCloud synced easy to use checklist manager with customizable appearance.
A notes manager for you menu bar.
A website monitor in your menu bar.
A menu bar reading companion with pasteboard integration.
A menu bar app usage tracker.
A simplified smart time tracker with app usage statistics.
Timey 2
A timer that lives in your menubar.
Timey 3
A timer for your menu bar.
Todoey 2
A lightweight menu bar checklist manager with iCloud sync.