by Jędrzej Gronek

Clockey 2
World clocks in your menu bar.
A menu bar adaptation of the classic minesweeper game.
A Pomodoro timer in the menu bar.
A website monitor in your menu bar.
+Clock 2
A customizable world clock in your dock.
+Recorder 2
A beautiful voice recorder for your dock.
+Timer 2
An elegant timer and stopwatch dock app.
Todoey 2
A lightweight menu bar checklist manager with iCloud sync.
Alarmey 2
A lightning fast menu bar alarms manager.
Nice Todo 2
An iCloud synced easy to use checklist manager with customizable appearance.
Timey 3
A timer for your menu bar.
Nice Timer 3
The eye-candy timers and stopwatches for your desktop.
Launchey 2
A launcher with menu bar and keyboard shortcuts to apps.