by Jędrzej Gronek


Do you find yourself in need of a break in the middle of a busy workday? Minesweepey will help you in that! It is a modern version of the classic minesweeper game that sits in the menu bar so you are always one click away from a relaxing breather for you mind. You can choose from multiple game modes or even customize your own. The app automatically pauses when hidden to help you go back to work at any time.

Or maybe you are a minesweeper junky and you are looking for a macOS version of your favorite game? Minesweepey is a streamlined adaptation with a beautiful design that looks great on macOS in both light and dark mode. Scoreboards and statistics will help you track your skill and a simple and intuitive interface will let you sink into the game.


  • - 3 classic modes and a custom mode
  • - scoreboards
  • - statistics
  • - automatic pause
  • - minimal and beautiful design
  • - full dark mode support
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