by Jędrzej Gronek


Attention: this is a feature complete version of Launchey. I will still maintain this app but I won't be adding any major new features and I will not support it on the future versions of macOS so if you have macOS 10.13 or later please check Launchey 2 in the Mac App Store instead of this one :).

A lightweight launcher that lets you launch any app on your Mac from the menu bar. You can choose which apps are visible in the Launchey's menu and select up to 5 favorites that you can display directly on your Mac's menu bar. Launchey lets you set global hotkeys for launching your favorite apps.


  • - customizable menu
  • - customizable hotkeys
  • - displaying apps directly in the menu bar
  • - customizable application directiories
  • - launch at startup
  • - fast and lightweight
Download on the Mac App Store

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